Wednesday, October 29, 2008

iMight get them...(!)

I'm not sure yet, but i might get those futuristic Dior Homme sunglasses, i saw them on this backstage shooting video with Luke Worral and i kinda think they look good, what do you think?...(!)
Kenneth Cappello shoots Luke from indica banana media on Vimeo.


designscene said...

i think Dior people did NOTHING to make those work, even tho those were the standing out point of S/S Dior collection by Kris, i didnt see those anywhere else after... and i do look around lol

But for me im not sure if they look fresh or just somehow 80s plastic retro glasses...or something, couldnt decide since the paris show

yibram palacios said...

i didn't like the collection, but the shades are fun though...(!)

Hannah Sider said...

can i have them?
i think they're very cool, but i think you could probably find something better that costs less

Anonymous said...

what are the black and white high tops on the table when it scans over the glasses and the butterfly.
anybody know.

MR style said...

i love it dude !! it's pretty awesome actually !

Designer Sunglasses said...

I think they are cool and worth the cost. Planning to buy dior homme sunglasses

next month. One question, apart from style, do they give good protection against glare?

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