Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy new year !

well, I haven't been posting because i'm on vacations, so many things to tell; i've discovered many new things in my country and i think it's full of inspirational things. i went to a town where all the houses and everything was WHITE and that made me remember the white snow in montreal i really miss my friends and i'd like they where here with me, but i've been meeting with my mexican friends and it's always a pleasure to see them and to know that they are well and i kinda feel nostalgic those days.

anyways if you read this, HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!
the best for tommorrow and all the days after tomorrow...(!)


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Burberry Prorsum

Calvin Klein


Rick Owens mens spring/summer 2009

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Rad Hourani
Raf Simons
Veronique Branquinho

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

so far not bad...(!)

plans, proyects and much fun...that has been my life lately...I've been copying and pasting my favourite fashion peeks and trying to figure out how to write better in english,it has been fun and i've learn a beat thanks to my friends...I'm going to mexico for about 20 days and i just can't wait, i need to take some sun; Canada is the coldest country and i need a break, getting ready for the hollidays omg those days are all about family gifts, and lots of christmas wishes for everyone,thank everyone for the kind comments, mails and everything, i feel so glad that you like me and I like you aswell.
btw someone told me "I love all your fashion adventures" haha i just think that's super funny,thank you...(!)


Jil Sander x AlohaRag Hi-Tops and Low Tops

Tuesday, December 2, 2008