Thursday, October 23, 2008


A MAGAZINE #8 curated by Tisci (Givenchy) is planned fall 2008.

A return to a poetic, fresh and ‘pure’ fashion magazine is the main aim.
A magazine that makes a cultural statement, a statement against homogenisation and for individuality. Our feeling is that existing fashion magazines are defined too much by marketing and reasoned thinking. The designers’ messages and information are no longer communicated, little justice is done to their ideas, and the desire to score means that all magazines have started to look like each other, with the same advertisements, the same sections and the same approaches.
A magazine that is made out of respect for the design and the designer.
A magazine in which we want to question fashion because we are fascinated by it.
A magazine in which we want to use the designers’ parameters we love:
passion, emotion, fascination, spontaneity, craftsmanship, authenticity.
Therefore A MAGAZINE is conceived and designed in the same way as a fashion designer creates a new collection every season.
To guarantee that the magazine remains surprising, varied and innovative we invite a new guest curator for each issue.
A MAGAZINE is clearly a unique niche product – both on the conceptual and the advertorial level.

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Marquis de Lannes said...

Beatrice Dalle dans la première photo: Sublime!

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