Saturday, January 9, 2010

LikeWantGot...boys boys boys!!!!!!

After a lack of posts and since i haven't update this blog for a while, I think I have an explanation to give. I've been on vacations, I've had an amazing time with my family and friends,my skin got 2 tones darker and I got new moves for the dancefloor!. Thanks for keep looking at this blog, and Welcome 2010!!!

LIKEWANTGOT it's gonna get a bit more personal, I gonna post what influences me at this moment, new shapes,new trends, new colors, new places, new boys!!!

After all,we all like evolution,and we all are waiting for the new IT thing to come, something or someone to get attached by. A new flavor, a new aroma, or perhaps, a new love...

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The Bitches With Cigarette Burns said...

Happy New Year! We are looking forward to your new posts in 2010!